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Wellbeing & Healthy Life
Finest taste that is also good for health,
made by Sangrime
From Hapcheon, an area with pristine nature,
We are making pure and natural traditional tea for the 2nd generation
To “Assimilate people’s lives to nature.”
● ● ● ●
Clean forest air from Gaya mountain imparts nature’s healthy strength.
Now Hapcheon Medical Herbs is here for your family’s health!

Herbs from Hapcheon Medical Herbs is 100% Korean grown
With reliably supreme quality and safety.
Sangrime Chrysanthemum tea brand made by Hapcheon Medical Herbs
has double meanings of “longing” and “shadow” in Korean
his brand name conjures up a widely spread Chrysanthemum flower blooming on Gaya Mountain and
a deep longing for nature.Join Sangrime to enjoy calm moment for cup of tea with nostalgic longing for nature.
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16, Naegok-gil, Hapcheon-eup, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea, Hapcheon Herbs Manufacture Agriculture Cooperation
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