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  • Finest taste that is also good for health,
    made by Sangrime
  • When you have to tell something that you cannot say in words, join the warmth and vitality of tea!
    You drink tea once in your mouth, once in your body, once in your head, and finally in your mind. Now your life will be full of green leaves like a sprout of Hapcheon.
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Pyramid Tea Bag
Pyramid Tea Bag
Full, naturally mild flavor, taste and nutrition in a tea bag.
  • Chrysanthemum Pyramid Tea Bag
    was made by carefully selecting right chrysanthemums
  • Persimmon Leaf Tea Pyramid Tea Bag
    plucked in May, followed by special processing to increase sweetness and reduce bitter tannin taste.
  • Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bag
    bring out the true flavor of green leaves.
Good soil · Abundant amino acid · Weakly acidic soil
It creates a delicious tea leaf that is rich in flavor.
Dedicated to passing on health and happiness from nature.
100% hand-picking and hand-processing of flower petals to bring out the true shape, color and flavor.
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